Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech- the right of people to express their opinions publicly without having to deal with any consequences. Sounds quite easy, right ? Apart from the fact that this rule doesn’t seem to work out entirely well, it leads to so many discussions, which never seem to end. People could talk themselves blue in the face, when it comes to topics like these, whether you can say things without harassing someones ethnical background, sexuality, gender e.t.c.. The question is, when do you cross the line, when is a statement assaulting ?
According to my opinion, it’s stupid always extend the list of terms and things you must not say. I think it is ridiculous and absurd to prohibit so many terms in literature, music or just in general. In what way will people continue to express themselves, if so many things are said to be insulting ? In what way will the opinions of people differ from others, if there is one standard you should follow ? There should just be a general list of phrases and words you shouldn’t say. It is a fact that human beings will always find a way to disrespect each other, no matter if there will be a interdiction of words you must not use. Personally, I think that no person will be offended by just an insulting word existing, but by the way people use it agains them, so it doesn’t make any sense to forbid these terms.




Class Community

All classmates are chatting
Being nice and social
Charming and interacting
Do you hear the laughter?
Even from meters away.

Fun is a prioriy
Getting along with each other,
Hilarity, Enthusiasm as well.
I think that cohesion is a must,
Jollity,Team Spirit and Trust.

How to write a quality comment

Commenting is a really important part when it comes to blogging. Yes, I would even say its an essential. Because by commenting you reflect on the work/ texts you  read and you can give the author some feedback and improvement proposal and by that, the author  can develop their writing skills and improve.

First you have to think about what you content should be. Content is key- so think about it well. First you could write your opinion, then you couls add some constructive critiscism and some questions. By doing so, you will make it easier for the person to respond on your comments.

My Family- our everyday life

Three chaotic people who don’t see each other a lot, that probably describes my family pretty well. I don’t have any siblings,my parents work a lot, so most of the time I am alone at home. But tbh I  kind of enjoy the fact that we don’t see each other this often. Don’t get me wrong, my family means everything to me and I  love them of course, but I am convinced that if we are together too much of the time, we start getting on each others nerves very easily.
Our everyday lives look like that: In the morning my mom wakes me up when my dad is already leaving. We don’t have breakfast together because I don’t eat  breakfast and my parents eat long before me, so we  don’t see each other in the morning.

After school I come home, my parents are still at work. They finish work between 6pm and 8pm usually, but when they return home, I am leaving for my volleyball practice everyday. So we see each other for like 10 minutes then I leave again. In the evening, after my practice I return home and we have dinner together. After dinner my father goes to sleep, I go showering and when I’m finished both my parents are already asleep…

So now you have gotten an idea about how our everyday life looks like. Yes, I don’t see my parents that often, but that doesn’t matter. I would even say, that I really enjoy the fact, that I have a lot of time to myself, without having to interact with other people. But when I spend time with them, it’s always a good time with lots of laughter and fun.

My Bucket List – Things I want to achieve before finishing school

Bucket lists…I put together a lot of them in the past few years. I always liked doing that. In my eyes, when you put together a bucket list, you are closer to achieving your goals/the things you put down.
Now I am going to write down things I want to achieve before finishing school. These goals are not just going to be concerning school, I will write down aims concerning my whole life, my personality, my actions and everything. So here we go, let me present you the goals I strive for before finishing school and entering the adult life:


  • Firstly lets focus on my goals concerning school. Of course I could write, that I only want to get A’s and everything etc. but lets be honest: I am not the kind of person, who studies a lot, a person who strives to know everything,to learn everything. I’m just not into that, I don’t have the endurance for studying for hours.. Nevertheless, I don’t think, that this is bad, but I definitely need to improve. I want to become less lazy but I still want to have enough free time to carry on exerting my hobbies. I need to become more discipline and focused, without forgetting the things I like to do.


  • The second point on my bucket list, concerns my free time,my biggest hobby- Volleyball. I want to continue practicing volleyball, the leisure activity I love so much, because I can just clear my mind and push myself to do exhausting but funny activities. Although I am convinced, that I am going to have a lot of things to do for school in the upcoming years, I really want to continue doing a lot of sports and manage to do school as well.


  • The third and most important point I’ll have to focuse on; is friendship. I want to spend more time with my real friends, friends that have always been by my side, friends with which I always have a great time.  I need to spend more time appreciating those people. I started thinking about this, because on of my best friends will be on a student exchange year in America. Because of her I started to think about how little time is left, where we are still young and at school and we definitely need to appreciate that time more.

Chapter three: 17th June-Catlynn

I opened my eyes. The first thing I was able to make out in front of me, were Casemiro and Sanchos, standing a few meters away. I could see that they were probably arguing, Sanchos had this bitter look on his face and was shaking his head, while Casemiro was gesticulating heavily with his hands, obviously trying to convince Sanchos to do something. Right in this moment everything came to my mind again, I started shivering, trembling because I started to remember what was going on, with which tremendous fear I fell asleep last night, or to be more precise just some hours ago. The fear of being left alone and unprotected, the feeling of seclusion and unrest, the sensation of being on an abandoned island, far away from any possible help or any signs of life. And additional to that, the sound of the scream I woke up because of last night, the horrible fact that two of my companions went missing, in the middle of darkness and fear, without me being able to do something or help.. I sat up and looked around, the weather fitted my mind; grey covered sky, quiet windy but still dampish and disturbingly hot- to sum up,really depressing and uncomfortable.As soon as Sanchos and Casemiro recognized that I awoke they immediatly ran towards me, talking,shoutning and gasping, all at the same time. The thing I was able to understand was a aggitated : “Hurry up,we need to go find them!As fast as I could, I stood up, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and started to listen to the two men, which already started walking, heading towards the forest which surrounds the creepy little village, the place I feared the most..

As we broke through this green curtain of leaves and bushes, which surrounds the village, the whole atmosphere changed, you could see it in the faces of the two others, the fright subdued them. Suddenly I heard a sound right behind us, fear arose inside of me, as I slowly turned around, ending up looking straight into Lyannas eyes. I gasped and jumped back, the boys reacted the same. She has a lot of explaining to do.. mumbled Casemiro. Sanchos was, out of the common, still silent. With all possibilities she had, Lyanna explained briefly, that she slept in one of the houses because she thought some shelter would be good. She managed to convince us, and to be honest I really believed her. So lets stop wasting time, blathered Casemiro, lets go look for Jeff, that’s way more important! Of course, we all agreed and we decided on looking into each house, hoping from the bottom of our hearts, that we would find Jeff there, sleeping without anything that had happened. But somehow I had the odd feeling, that our hopes were unavailing, what turned out to be true in the most horrible way you could imagine. After we had looked in the first three houses, after seeing even more terrifying pictures or signs concerning the village we entered the last dark brownish straw house. At first, I couldn’t see anything, but that rapidly changed. I started trembling, the things I saw were to horrible, I couldn’t take it. On the floor you could see Jeff, laying there, without making any moves. He looked like he was sleeping, but the thing that proved us wrong was a big dark red hole in his chest, right where your heart is located.I had to look away, my body was shaking and I couldn’t see clear. The others were going through the same motions, that was all i could recognize, before I ran outside and started to throw up, next to the house. I’ve never been good at looking at blood, but a cut out heart, that was too much. The others stumbled out of the house, obviously they weren’t well at all, they were pale, shaking an obviously trying to keep themselves from freaking out.Lyanna looked like she would faint in the next few seconds, Casemiro kept on mumbling “No,no that can’t be true,no,no,no…” and Sanchos kept staring straight forward without making any moves. It took another 30 minutes for us to calm down and think logically again..Casemiro was the first one to say something: “Lets head back to the sleeping place..” We all kind of woke up of our rigidity and we started moving towards the camp..

We arrived at the roosting site, and I immediately fell to my knees and started crying, not that I liked Jeff THAT much but I was just so shocked that something this awfully terrible happened on our island, the island we were trapped on, without any signs of rescue. We were just four left, the shock was profound. After some more time, which seemed to go by so slow we started talking, discussing what we would do next. We decided that we want to go get some distraction by searching for food. In that moment nothing really mattered to me, I was just so lost in my thoughts, I just continued walking, with no idea where my feet would take me to. To my horror I ended up standing in front of the satan’s church, right in the middle of the main square of the village, where one of my co-survivors had been murdered in a unbelievably cruel way. I stood there for some minutes, thinking what I was about to to. Unable to move I decided that I had absolutely nothing to loose and that was why I entered the church. I was so curious, I walked in the direction of the creepy black book, which caught my attention. Thinking about how crazy I am, my fingers slided down the front page. I opened the book and started reading:

Set, Spike, Receive, Dive- Volleyball

These terms might not sound familiar to you, but I hear them at least five times a week. In fact every time I train, I´m confronted with these words and I associate them with hard work but also lots of fun, to recap, with my biggest hobby, volleyball.

For me volleyball isn’t just a sport anymore, it’s just my favorite thing to do in my spare time and on weekends. I spend my whole free time in the coliseum ( Sporthalle ) and I’ve made so many friends within my volleyball club and I’ve also come to know one of my best friends at the moment, there.

Four times I train in the sports hall, the other times me and my teammates go there, we just meet up and play a little bit together. On weekends most of the 1.Bundesliga take place in the sports hall ( Sportpark,the sports hall connected to the stadium ) and we just meet up there and help our club with the organization of the game, for example with the buffet.

On weekdays I have trainings from 17:30/18:00 to 20:30/21:00,most of the time in the Sportpark. The trainings are quite hard because we start of running 8 laps around two volleyball fields and then continue with a exhausting and long workout for the muscles you need the most for playing volleyball. After that we continue with technique training.

I started playing volleyball 2 years ago, actually I first played 3 years ago but only very seldom in the school’s club. I always liked watching volleyball on the TV and it always fascinated me how the players show commitment when chasing after a ball. Half a year after my first training another girl joined our team and now she’s one of my most important friends! Today me and her play in the Landesliga and in the Kärntner Kader. I am quite proud about which goals we have achieved so far and i await developments in the following years.

My conclusion is, that volleyball, as a teamsport is perfect for making new friends and exercising to work and cooperate with other people.

I would really recommend you highly to watch this video, it explains the fun facts of palying volleyball marvelously and it’s just so true and funny:

My path

I am walking down this tiny path, slowly, looking around. I’m surrounded by dense fog, so I can’t make out anything, but the path in front of me. The ground is shaking just a little as I take my steps, but its that silent you can still hear it.

After some minutes I stop, because there’s a stick in the middle of my path. I picked it up,looked at it and waited. Suddenly the fog turns dark gray and I can see flickering lights shining through it. After another 10 minutes of walking the fog suddenly clears up and I find myself standing on a large field, so large I can’t even make out where it ends,no edges,no borders.

I start to run along the path, hoping to come to an end, a final destination. But the path seems to continue forever, the field next to me flies past like a film, while I am running. I don’t look around anymore, until I hear a sound, which is not my feet stamping on the path. I turn my head to the left, just a little, but enough for my to figure out that there are many people running next to me. I want to stop, but I just can’t, so I keep on running with these people.

After some more meters a fork appears in front of us. As before, I simply can’t stop running, and somehow I can’t decicde which direction I want to head. The fog turns dark again, and when it clears up again, I walk alone. The other people are gone, I can’t make out the surroundings, the fog is dense again.

I am walking down this path, slowly, looking around.





Clean your room! Do the washing up! Vacum the floor!… These are some commands every teenager hears and hates a lot. Helping in the household is a controversial subject, which many parents and teenagers discuss about a lot in their everyday life.

But in which form is helping in the household a matter of course, how many things do the teens need to do and in which way?

In my opinion, it depends on every family itself, how much they want their children to help and how much they even need their help. In my family for example, my parents work all day and don’t even eat at home. That means that most of the time there is not even much work to do, for example, in the kitchen. And if there are some things to clean up, most of the time the person who made the mess has to clean it up again.

I think this is quite a logical way to deal with such ‘problems’ without anyone being treated not equal or unfair.

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